Tax Advice

Tax advice services

We offer a wide range of services provided by a team of economists specialised in tax advice. We guarantee a high-quality service to our clients, both in corporate operations and operations for natural persons.
  • Preparation and filing of tax forms (corporate tax, personal income tax, inheritance and gift tax, property transfer tax and documented legal acts, etc).
  • Compliance with formal obligations with the Tax Administration.
  • Technical guidance in tax procedures (limited verification, data requirements, etc.)
  • Specific tax consultancy (analysis of transactions proposed by the client with fiscal implications.
  • Assistance and defence during tax inspections
  • Reception of electronic notifications
  • Tax planning with the objective of optimising the client’s alternatives without infringing the law
  • Specific advice on the Canary Islands Economic Tax Regime, with special emphasis on reductions, deductions and applicable tax benefits.
  • International taxation (advice on investment processes and divestment in property transactions, taxation on assets in the Spanish territory)